Chip Steak

Meloni's thin sliced chip steak is perfect for making homemade Philly style cheese steaks. It's very lean packed with flavor and can be pan fried in just a few minutes.

Delmonico Steak

Attention steak lovers. This boneless prime rib steak is well marbeled, sure to be tender and delicious. Come see why many believe it to be the best cut of steak.

Filet Mignon Steak

Our hand cut Black Angus Filet Mignon Steak is available in  8oz. portions. Filet mignon is considered to be the most tender steak money can buy.

New York Strip Steak

Our Black Angus New York Strip Steak is available in a 12oz. or 14 oz. portion. The New York Strip is considered to be one of the best cuts by most steaks lovers. The Strip is packed with great flavor and exceptionally tender.We gaurantee our Black Angus Strip Steaks will be a hit at any BBQ.

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